The vast majority of  the income of the three churches in the parish is given voluntarily and generously by members of the churches. Giving financially is something that the Bible understands to be a regular part of being a follower of Jesus, committed to the life and vision of a local church.
Such giving enables the different ministries of the church to continue and to grow and helps prevent money from getting an unhealthy grip on our lives. The Bible therefore understands financial giving to be a spiritual issue, not just a practical concern. We are a parish that has a history of generous and joyful financial giving and this continues to be an essential part of the parish’s future.

Regular Giving

The most helpful way to give to your church is through the Parish Giving Scheme or through a standing order and, where possible, we encourage all giving to the church to be gift-aided so that tax can be claimed back. If you are a UK taxpayer we can claim basic rate tax back on your donation which increases your donation by 25%.

Have a look at this leaflet about Stewardship in the Parish:


You may also like to consider making a donation to your church in your will.
For any questions or more information about giving please contact the Parish Office at