What can I expect on a Sunday?

What can I expect on a Sunday?

Are all of your services the same?  Please see our worship page to find out more about each service.

Where do I sit?  Please feel free to sit wherever you like within the chair and pew areas. Do ask a member of the Welcome Team if you are unsure.

What happens if I am late?  We try to start our services on time but don’t worry if you are late.  You will still find a warm welcome and our welcome team will help you quickly to find a seat

What should I wear?  There is no dress code, and so most people come casually dressed.

How long will it last?  Our services generally last 1 - 1 ½ hours depending on which service you attend.

How will I know what to do?  Our worship leaders guide  everyone through the services, so you won’t get lost.

What kind of music do you have?  We use a wide selection of traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs.  These are usually played by either an organ or a contemporary band. 

Do I have to know the songs?  Not at all and it’s highly likely you won’t be the only one new to some of the songs! We encourage you to listen and read the words in the hymn books or on the screen but please do not feel under pressure to sing if you do not feel comfortable.

Will I have to participate?  At our churches most of the participation is through singing or saying prayers together.

Are there refreshments?  Refreshments are served at the end of the main Sunday services at all our churches.   Please come and join us - we would love to serve you and get the chance to say hello!

Do you give out Communion and am I allowed to take it?  If you normally receive communion in your home church, you are welcome to share bread and wine with us.  The congregation will be directed by the stewards to a ‘station’ near-by where they can receive the bread and the wine.  You will be given a piece of bread and then the chalice of wine will be handed to you to take a sip. Gluten-free wafers are also available – just ask the person serving you.  If you do not feel comfortable receiving communion but would like a blessing, please mention it to those distributing and someone will pray for you.

Will someone pray for me?  If you would like someone to pray for you, there is an opportunity to receive personal prayer at the end of each service – just ask one of the clergy.