What about my kids?

Will my kids be welcome? Absolutely! We love kids and are keen to welcome them into our Church families!

The following Sunday services are especially suitable for families with children:
St Alphege: 9.15am - Parish CommunionWith children’s groups (suitable particularly for children aged 4+)
  9.15am JunctionMeets in the Church Hall (OBH) – suitable particularly for very young children.
There are various children’s age-specific groups.
  9.15am All Age CommunionOn the second Sunday of each month, we all meet together in church
at 9.15am for an all-age Communion service with music band.
St Helen’s:10.00am Parish CommunionWith Sunday club for children.
On the 3rd Sunday of each month there is an all-age service (without Communion).
St Michael’s:10.30am Parish CommunionWith Sunday Club for children. (Sharmans Cross Junior School.)
On the 2nd Sunday of each month there is an all-age service.

What happens to my kids on a Sunday? On most Sundays Parish Communion services start with everyone together in the main church for about 20 minutes, then children and young people leave for their own groups geared towards their own ages and needs.  They then re-join the adults towards the end of the services.

Do I need to register my children?  Yes, all children must have a registration form completed and signed by their responsible adult. You can either download a form here and bring it along with you or else your child’s group leader will ask you to complete a form on your first Sunday.  For your first few visits, we use a simplified form each week but once you feel at home with us we will ask you to complete a more detailed form which we will add to our database.

I’m just visiting - do I still have to complete the paperwork?  Yes, in the interest of safety and proper practice, every child is required to fill in a registration form but we use a simplified form for visitors which you can download here.

Is there a mother/baby room – or somewhere to nurse my baby?  While we don’t have a room specifically aimed at nursing mothers you are welcome nurse your baby in the church building or in the church halls. You are welcome to feed in the main church, as there’s often a quiet corner at the back but appreciate there may not be the privacy you prefer!

Do I have to stay with my kids in their groups?  For the groups with younger children, we do need parents accompanying their children. But for the older children (Junior age), we have fully supervised groups. Unless there are extraordinary reasons for you to stay with your child (like a particularly inconsolable little one!), we would encourage you to make the most of it and enjoy the service!

What if my child won’t sit still?  Firstly, please don’t worry!  We are fully aware that church can be a bit tricky for little ones. You can either sit on the end of a row where there is space at the side of the church for your child to move around, in our dedicated kids’ corner at the back of church (St Alphege) or in the rooms where children’s activities are taking place.

Can I get my child Christened/baptised?  Yes and you can read more details here (to follow).

How can I register for Pre-school?  All the information about joining Pre-School can be found here.