Solihull Churches Action on Homelessness (SCAH)

We also work with the council and local charities who offer help to young mothers, those with mental health issues, and homeless men among other with housing needs.  We shop for them when they move into their first homes.
We raise all the money we need through donations and fund raising events. We encourage all the churches of very denomination to be involved in our work and recently a group from the Greek Orthodox church has set up a provision to serve meals to those in need in the north of the borough.
If this sounds as though it is the type of volunteering which might interest you then do look at our web site (link on the right) and feel very welcome to enquire how your offer can be of help.  There is no cost to those who help us and all expenditure is refunded almost immediately by our treasurer.
Might you be interested in helping those in our borough in housing need?
Solihull Churches Action on Homelessness was set up in the early 1990s to help young people who had nowhere to live this side of the borough. Working with the Council we set up a hostel which now houses 12 young people and is run by St Basil’s.