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Below are short descriptions of our Worship Services in each church throughout the week.

    Worship Services - what are they like?

    Each of our services offers space to meet with God and know Him better.

    St Alphege:

    We have five services each Sunday; 8am, 9:15am, 9.15am (Junction in the Church Hall – OBH), 11am and 6:30pm. We have mid-week services as well. 
    Sunday 8.00amA quiet, reflective service, following Common Worship order 1 (traditional language), with a short sermon and no music. It lasts about 40 minutes. 
      9.15amA sung Parish Communion service with music led by the organ and choir. This follows Common Worship Order 1.   It includes a sermon (relevant teaching from the Bible) and congregational singing. The music is a mix of traditional and contemporary.  Families are very welcome to join this service and children’s groups meet during this service. It is quieter than the Junction! The service lasts about an hour and a quarter. 
      9.15am (Junction)This is especially for families with young children. It meets in the Church Hall (OBH). The service follows the general format of a Communion service, in a very informal style and with worship band. There are various children’s groups. The Junction then joins the 9.15am church building congregation to receive Holy Communion, a final song and a blessing.

    On the 2nd Sunday of the month, there is no Junction because everyone comes together in the church building for a service of all-age Communion.  This service lasts about an hour.

      11.00amThis Choral Eucharist is more reflective and traditional, with hymns, a sermon, and with the choir singing the Gloria, Sanctus and Agnus Dei. It follows Common Worship order 1 (Traditional). During some of the year and on particular Feast Days, incense is used. The service lasts about an hour and 20 minutes. 
      6.30pmChoral Evensong follows the Book of Common Prayer rite. This service takes place every Sunday except during August, when the choir is on holiday. There are hymns and a sermon. It lasts about an hour. 
     Monday 9.30amHoly Communion 
     Tuesday 9.30amHoly Communion 
     Thursday10.30am Holy Communion (with the opportunity for prayers of healing on the first Thursday of the month). 
     Saturday  9.30amHoly Communion (only on the 1st Saturday of each month). 

    St Helen’s

     8.00amEucharist Order 2.
     9.00amEucharist Order 2.
    10.00amEucharist and Sunday Club.
    'Jigsaw' All-age worship (no eucharist).
    Evening Worship in the Chapel. (Healing Service on the 2nd Sunday each month).

    St Michael's

    Sunday 10.30amParish Communion in Sharman’s Cross School with Sunday Club for children. It lasts about an hour and a quarter.
    2nd Sunday of the month: 10.30am all-age service in Sharman’s Cross School. It lasts an hour.
    2nd Sunday of the month at 4.30pm: Holy Communion in Oak Cottage Chapel. 
     Wednesday 10.00amHoly Communion in Oak Cottage Chapel. 
      Mossy Church